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Who is Nurse Cheung?

Jennifer Cheung is a Leading Critical Care Nursing Educator who inspires Prospective Nurses, Nursing Students, Graduate Nurses, and Seasoned Nurses through Nursing Education, Written/Video Educational Content, and Product Reviews. Nurse Cheung was founded in August 2016.

Nurse Cheung covers topics on (1) Pre-Nursing School Education such as placement examinations, researching potential nursing schools, and nursing school applications (2) Nursing School Education such as fundamental course education, and clinical education, (3) Graduate Nursing Education such as preparing for the workforce, information Nursing School didn’t teach you, and certification preparation, (4) Critical Care Nursing Information/Education such as product reviews, healthy nursing, and specialty licensing. There are so many opportunities to grow and learn within the nursing profession and it is our passion to help nurture Nurses and their journey.

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Consulting / Project Development

Jennifer Cheung has been consulting nurses in many aspects of their career. If your healthcare organization is interested in embracing nursing education and inspiring your staff through burnout, please reach out to us. Nurse Cheung would love to provide education to your staff and administration on the importance of nursing education to benefit the nursing community as a whole.

Speaking Events

Jennifer Cheung is a patient and nurse advocate. Want someone to help your staff and administration understand meaningful use and desire for permanent staff with no turnaround? Jennifer Cheung can provide you with what you need.

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Are you interested in partnering with us? Want us to create a custom package for you? Let us known how you would like to collaborate. We can discuss analytics and pricing in a variety of different options including sponsored posts, ad blocks, text links, and more.

Product Reviews

Whether products revolve around nursing or otherwise, Nurse Cheung would love to review them. Kindly send your product information for our consideration to [email protected] We will feature products that have some relation to the nursing profession. If you are unsure if your product has relevance to nursing, send the information to Nurse Cheung anyways. If it interests us, we will get back to you about your product.

Brand Ambassador

Looking for a brand ambassador? Nurse Cheung has been featured by several brands and continues to promote top quality brands as their brand ambassador. We can make a great addition to your team. If you offer a product that we can stand behind while providing quality products to our audience, then we are for you!

Nurse Cheung strives to give our readers strong content regarding our honest reviews of these products, education, and services. Our posts connect with readers, and we continue to gain new followers every day.

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