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Nurse Cheung was founded in 2016 to provide all healthcare professionals with resources and education for his or her professional practice through critical care concept based learning. Topics range from pre-nursing examinations (ATI, HESI), anatomy and physiology lectures, critical care education, certification exam reviews, and so much more. 


Nurse Cheung has been working as a critical care educator for many years and continues to keep up to date on the latest research/evidence.


Nurse Cheung has developed and retained a dedicated audience of aspiring and exceptional healthcare professionals. This group has allowed Nurse Cheung to continue dedicating her life to healthcare education.


Nurse Cheung has been blogging and providing education since 2016.







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My own teaching philosophy stems from Einstein's quote, "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

Jennifer cheung, msn, rn, ccrn

About Jennifer Cheung

Jennifer Cheung, MSN, RN, CCRN is the founder of Nurse Cheung. She is a blogger, keynote speaker, social media influencer, and nursing educator on everything healthcare. She is also a practicing Critical Care Registered Nurse Educator.

She received her Associates of Science in Nursing (ASN) in 2013. She almost failed twice (once in pharmacology and once in pediatrics) and feels for every new nurse who walks through the healthcare doors with inquiring minds. She understands how difficult that journey is: the endless nights of studying, care plans, emotions, lack of sleep, and lack of social interaction. However, becoming a nurse is not fun and games either. You are now responsible for the patient (no longer your preceptor). These were a few of the main reasons she created and founded Nurse Cheung.

She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with the University of Central Florida concurrent program in 2014.

After finishing her bachelors and gaining experience, she stepped off the ledge into Travel Nursing in 2016. Travel Nursing consists of nurses who leave their home city and commute 50 or more miles to another healthcare facility by filling their temporary needs for staffing. Unfortunately, when she started travel nursing, the resources regarding the subject were slim and many articles contained incorrect information.

Jennifer purchased a 2012 Heartland Sundance 3200RERV to travel and live in during her assignments. RV living is a much cheaper option than agency supplied housing or hotel living. She learned a tremendous amount of education and have written many articles regarding the subject of RV (recreational vehicle) living while Travel Nursing across the United States.

She received her Master’s in Nursing Education (MSN) in 2019 from Capella University in five months. She also obtained her certification in Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) from the Association of Critical Care Nurses. 

Jennifer become a Critical Care Nursing Educator in 2018 and has worked at several organizations using gap analysis to create projects that address the data. She has worked closely with Medical Surgical, Progressive Care, Intensive Care, Cardiovascular Intensive Care, and Procedural areas to help inspire and promote healthcare professionals to function at the top of their scope of practice. She continues to provide this education through her YouTube channel where she discusses these gaps through innovative educational experiences.